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Welcome to the Songs and Sound clips
Played on my
Les Paul Studio with Pearley Gates Pickups. also
My Zadok Tone Strat
 set up by MelodyCustom .com
Some on a Washburn G-10V
A guitar i just love.(Washburn call me about a deal). a seymour duncan "57 "in the bridge position (Seymouryou call me to).
did i say?
My Zadok Tone Strat
 set up by MelodyCustom .com
Most of these sound creations were created with the Robert Keeley pedals,
"THE" compressor,
and the amasing Katana,
also a Digitech RP2000

Every sound copyright 2001 LittleCreek Gold music includeing the buzzes and crurps  most mixes were done with Pro Tools
 Single lines were recorded on Cakewalk Pyro
A few of the old ones were done with a teac 4 track  and then recorded through Pyro on to wav. then converted to mp.3