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      Sound Clips  and Songs From Barefootterry
TERRY USES Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Matamp and Sunn AMPS

Every sound copyright 2001 Little Creek Gold- including the buzzes and crurps
Also all works regestered with ASCAP,
 If you want to use, any, or part of these sound clips
email me, and please let me know.
 and put, (c) (year) Little Creek Gold, after the selection.
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    Hood River, Oregon 97031

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available from LittleCreek Gold Puiblishing (an ASCAP company)
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OK enough, wheres the music?  You made it!!
Just below!
right click on the clip, save target as.., remember where you put it.  :)

Knock Me Down Knock Me Down
64 sec to d/l
 (c) 2001 Little Creek Gold ,ASCAP
Acustic, deluxe, lead left rhodes, lead right and pan stsolo, drum and  I am not a singer.
I will have to remix this as one of the guitars gets a little wide
Inspired by the WTO  misunderstanding in Seattle 2000
A   6min version is available. at   Contact Me

BraveWarMan Jump   BraveWarman_webMp3-03.MP3
60 sec or so to D/l
(c)2003 Little Creek Gold, an Ascap    publishing company
Short demo about the Brave warmen and women who would rather be home,
 than miles away doing their job.
This tune and the intro/outro came to me as I was considering
the Imbedded people in Afghanastan.
What Balls you people have.
I have the ultimate respect for you. That is what this song Is all about.

Watch TV Upstairs   WatchTVUpstairs_WEBmp302.MP3
65 sec D/L time
As this song was coming to me, my wife was getting upset, Here I was having an inspritional moment and couldnt drop this. For fear of forgetting the run and out line. She gets up and tells the Kids, " I guess we will have to Watch TV Upstairs".   I thought , damn thats it! Thanks Hun.
(c)2003 Little Creek Gold Publishing, Hood River Oregon

All of The above from Analog Big Knobs(c)2003LCG
WE RUN weerun_3.mp3

This has rhodes 3x  1gated 1 delayed 1 regular and gilmour for lead and chunk
 (c) 2001 Little Creek Gold, ASCAP

 Alpha Male Alpha Male
42 sec to d/l
Just the JPage patch,  and some swagger -dawg!
(c) 2001 Little Creek Gold publishing, ASCAP

   Baby Ya Baby Ya
33 sec to d/l
 (c) 2001 Little Creek Gold  Music,   ASCAP
 Just a quick mix. This used the patch Gospel(Super compress ver#1) and Gilmor lead patch,
the drum machine..This is a version of Interlude (c) 2001 little creek gold publishing  
an ASCAP company
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          (c) 2004 little creek gold publishing  an ASCAP company

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                  allsongs(c) 200x little creek gold publishing

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The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.
- Hunter S. Thompson

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entire site (c)2001 Little Creek Gold
Music copyright Barefootterry,-
(c), (p) ,2001Little Creek Gold Publishing
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In testimony today, 3-23-07,  in Washington before the House Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property, US Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters described in detail the current areas of dispute regarding performance and mechanical royalties on music transmissions, especially on the Internet.
But going beyond a review of the current legal landscape, she made the case that there was an urgent need to reform the system, and made no secret of her position that Internet downloads of music should not involve a performance royalty for writers and publishers.

WHAT!!!! We must get this current admistration OUT OF OFFICE...!!!

"One of the major frustrations facing online music services today, and what I believe to be the most important policy issue that Congress must address, is the lack of clarity regarding which licenses are required for the transmission of music," she stated.

 ASACAP speaks for me.  thank you