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Patches & Links

One of  "The Men"
of pickup fame that is!!
Celestion Speaker selection guide
 ( a flash fun selector and demoof Celestion Speakers)
Yes the greenbacks the G12M-70, G12M, G12T-75 , Vintage 70
Click on the moving thing under here
this is a fun speaker demo from the leading speaker company in the world.
buy a Celestion Blue and own the world.
or go to
(a couple blue's would be nice, Celestion!!)
Contact Me
John Entwhistle MPEGs-
Beginners school --from Fender-
The mother ship
More below ^ damn Computer doesnt have an arrow that goes down!
  What Time is it?
Adobe updates --
The RoadKing from Mesa/Boogie,
hey Randy, send me one of these would ya?
take a deep breath and download this .PDF,
Have a look at the future now---
still makes me pant ,so does the stelletto ace!!!
 click on it for the .PDF paper work
HF2 <<<- Allan Holdsworth Fatboy Semi-Hollow Body
Carvin  Please, send me one for the free advertising
   need a player?  WINAMP
  Free Music Hosting
Your music on line and on cd, just up load your demo or mastered mp3 file.
see my cobbled up site  for an idea
To/back to; Sound Card Recording -Sound Card Recording
Modern Christian Music that Rocks solid
You are looking for UK "Holy" or 2000 Generations or  "Just say GO" and many others

Check out the video  (dial up)
All kinds of Effects explained--
--------------------------- patch libarary for RP2000, check "allpatches"
Want to buy a rp2k?
RP2000  .pdf  Manual
listed as; RP2000 Modeling Guitar Processor 8 mb download
Digitech unofical RP2K users forum
The new message board for RP stuff see
 _Digitech RP2K and MajDomo Mail letters 1.0(plus other related things)
Digitech stuff (gnx1-gnx2-- rp 's ) at Harmony Central
Gnx3  Treckie site  at; GNX Mail
The newest GNX3 at; latest and greatest  GNX3 .1
 rp-100 sites
rp patches--
Genex Sound Clips
Need Directx ?
Ground Control X from digitech .pdf --
The king of switching pedals Ground Control
you will have to go there to see them  or
Midi Switching pedal
check out americian music for a price and more info!!!
Free CD Burnning software? Yes use the Real one,  from Real audio
also device transfere, but there is a mastering tool on this one. The CD Burnner has the ability to level all the audio files on your cd and spacing options also. but the level adjustment feature is nice and for the Protools user who doesnt use Apple, ((their master list program  isnt available for windows) wont even have to purchase a mastering program, just use the real audio REALONE cd burnner. and its free what a great company they are.

    Back to Sound Card Recording
  ProTools/free,   download now?>>>>      or
           Http://  If it still is available? theres been talk//////
   8 channels of digital audio workstation, it works great, for free.
the PTFREE is for P3 computers and does not work on XP

or thr DAW will run lousey, if at all.

 Caution: it does make you long for the digi 001and  002, home system.specs---
 $799.00 at mf.- 24 channels with 8 ch I/O and a break out box.
protools/free---- or  Http://
Get a free dvd/ vhs demo of ProTools at     top right of page
the PTFREE is for P3 computers and does not work on XP
OK the new, MBOX is out and awesome--$450. ($400. mf).  Have a look!         
(Im buyin this unit, wait have you seen the 002 and rack?)
Free and demo's and  RTAS
 Protools Free/ Le  System's Requirements
 (dont load it on an 286, XT, or p2 even(haha) and expect it to work!!)
I have found that 256megs mem is the very floor and just barely runs these babys.
But they are the ultimate in DAW. Then theres the hard disc.
Check out  Western Digitals NEW, FAST, ide,ata100 8meg buffer HD
100gigs 0r more gigs
Dual Monitors? one for your edit window,  one for your mix window? YES its true, for about  $150.00, thats not a miss type. Its in our range of costs.
Regular people can afford this one, and the big company's dont want you to know this.
They work for peanuts. see--Dual Head or go right to the links Dual Head Monitors---links
updated  9-01-06 has rack mount DAW computers .  Called Creation Station RackDual 3.0, there also less expensive ones, .
The idea is to taylor a computer system to DAW needs, even the XP tweeks, just or us nuts.
all americian support and parts. well you know. Asus motherboards, 4 dedicated SATA ports on a Intel ICHR7, PATA conectors for backwadcompatable older drives,ATX motherboard, 4 usb 2.0 ports, dual gigabite ethernet and firewire,aneSataport for eternal drives and storage, thats a different controller than the internal rives,  cool,RAID capable, 4 slots for DDR-533 RAM flashmedia, can address 4 gig max when each slot is filled with a 1gig stick, 2 seagate drives 1 80gig ust for windows and applications and a larger 250 gig drive for data.
I haver been suggesting this for years!!!!!
Cool stuff indead!!!
so if you can put a second on the house, you might be able to buy one of these  haha

On the same subject also try  the Sonica
 and/or  Dell servers the  Dell  PowerEdge 2950 at Dell .com



On-line colaberating with your mates in different parts of the world?

Build the ultimate portable digital recording unit
better have some extra cash available for this!!  but its soooo  nice.
The Digi 002
See if there is a protools tour near you
 Protools over the Internet?
Swap files, work on other peoples tunes?
 Take the Post Production Tour--
                            Or the Music production tour--at the site above- click on Video tour

Audio and Video digital editing--

****Hey Digi.! send me a free one for all this free advertisement****--BTerry
Contact Me
 Cakewalk Pyro for converting wav.  to mp3. or recording anything audio to wav., wma, or mp3--   or the home base--
The insiders Pyro Stuff at
Have a look at the manual for 1.5.

Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 download a trial version at
or right to the download at
This is a very nice system.
This demo version has the following restrictions:
Saving is disabled
Printing is disabled
Putting data on the Windows clipboard is disabled
File | Send (email) is disabled
Export audio is disabled
ACID file export is disabled
Export video is disabled
Offline audio and MIDI effects (i.e., Process | Audio Effects, MIDI Effects) is disabled
Integrated time/pitch stretching of audio is disabled
Saving effect presets is disabled
Bounce to Clip(s) is disabled
Bounce to Track(s) is disabled
Groove Quantize is disabled
Launching 3rd party wave editors from the Tools menu is disabled
Tools | Clean Audio Folder is disabled
Other Files You May Need:
SONAR 2.0 requires DirectX 8.1 installed on your system. If you do not have DirectX 8.1 installed you can download it from the Microsoft web site.
When downloading always select Save this program to disk, do not select Run this program from its current location.
Get a discount  on a p-4 Sonar workstation  at
Sonar clinic's
Layla, Mona, Gina  from  Echo  I dont have a link yet, if you know one send it on over and i'll post it .
The Mark of the Unicorn Systems at
free stuff from MOTU  at

NOTE:(There alot of other very nice D.A.W  programs and company's out there and this is by no means a complete list or a complete requemendation.)
 MINI DISC     (amazing live recordings)
TESTING_TESTING a netMD uploader IS available
Christian Klukas thank you,
Sony has been shooting themselves in the foot for years with this.
and I might say; "there might not have been an IPOD,
 if they had this uploader years ago". Stupid decision there guys......
The History of  The miniDisc on Digital Media  <click

Check out the mobile Mini Disc Recorders, to bring that jam, home with you.
Mz-r700 at sony
Smaller than a pack of smokes,  USB CABLE,
There are great new mini's the mz-rh910,RH-10,nhf800,nh700and 900 for win.
4 Mac- MZ-M100 and the Mz-M10.
let you record in PCM mode and UPLOAD wav. files to your computer

get on the minidisc


check out the new   Edirol R-1, Portable 24-Bit WAV/MP3 Recorder
not MD but cool non the less

also see-
join the minidisc web ring


 minidisc    How?
Use the line in (stereo, from your mixer), or mic input or Optical in, to record--
The headphone out or Optical output/input to load the recording,
 to your D.A.W.  for editing and mastering.
Check out this snippet of a copy tune, from a minidisc recording, live at a roedo,
one night in Glenwood, Washington USA 2002, yep me on the lead Guitar,
 rca from the p.a. and a cheep mic on the rythmn guitar,
 drums were snare mic and bass mic through the pa. Just a cheep 9volt-
 radio shack 4 volume-stereo mixer I bought in "75", output into the aux input
 on the mini disc (sony mz-r700). Tone no cassette could get!!!
Gimme Three Steps <<or right click/ download

Check Sony,  for  what they call Md Walkman
( at all products click the arrow down and select mdwalkman)

Check Ebay for one,  make sure its a recordable, not justa player.
or the MiniDisc community -

GOTO Sound Card recording---Sound Card Recording
The Independent Musician's Number One Resource...

The Indie Bible SHOWS you where to get your music REVIEWED and your songs PLAYED on the radio.
The contacts listed are music reviewers and radio personalities from around the world that will listen to your music, and if they like it, will present it to their readers and listeners. The Indie Bible shows you where to promote your music, regardless of your musical style, and will save you MONTHS of valuable time
Mabye you need an online player?
Contact Me
or the new beta at
( I like the older one better)
 Sound Thinking
A site with links to everything studio

Great site with links to TUBE stuff

Guitar stuff and Tube Amp site

Guitar wireing Faq's

Tons of Guitar links and tips on serviceing your guitar
this is the best site ever,  haha

Find that chord
Music business software,

Film Music Network,         The Bomb baby

go to the mother ship^^

This is for the Rock Band

Spiritual help

<<The Tube Amp Hall of Fame site 5

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